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What you can expect from this site…

So this is a site on… well… marketing obviously… but not the “snake-oil” sort of marketing that seems to be prevalent on the Internet nowadays… (see this post)

It’s also where i get to rave about, or criticize, the latest products, services and events… so be prepared for some commentary now and then…

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webnext marketing

Absolute Beginners: are new to Computing and the Internet. They need assistance to navigate, search, use files and folders, access and use forums, use programs, understand terminology and the like.

New Internet Marketers: know their way around their operating system and common programs. They are new to Internet Marketing and the Internet in general (except Facebook and Twitter perhaps) and need assistance in both Marketing (Traffic)… SEO, Social Media, Mobile Optimization, Article Marketing, Backlinking, CPA, Affiliate… and Product (Website)… Design, Coding (HTML, CSS, PHP), Graphics…

Expert Users: have “been around” the Internet world and “know the ropes”. They have established websites and are primarily interested in refining their traffic strategies, conversion rates, split testing, JV possibilities, trends, monetization and automation.